The average attention span today is 8 seconds. Consumers are scrolling through information so quickly that it is getting harder and harder to reach them. And as the online landscape keeps changing, it is harder than ever to even know the right places to be – and which ones to avoid.

Think about it: how can we possibly compete for donors, customers, leads, time, foot traffic or engagement when we have such little time to reach our audience?

Some say the market is oversaturated, therefore there’s no use to marketing yourself online, that there’s just “too much noise” out there. We, on the other hand, believe that online marketing, especially today, is crucial for any brand – but you do need to approach it with a clear strategy in mind, so you’re not just another brand adding to the existing noise.

How To Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

Being good isn’t good enough anymore. Not when you’re competing with so many other brands for your ideal customers’ attention.

Brands today need to figure out how they can “stand out from the crowd” and get people’s attention and trust in a new, unique way, even before they start creating any content.

Rather than taking action for the sake of taking action, you need to have a research-heavy, data supported, sound strategy that is demonstrated to reach your target audience and get you the results you’re looking for, prior to investing time and money in getting your brand out there.

Good Marketing Starts With a Solid Understanding of Your Brand

Without a strong brand in place, it’ll be harder to make any sorts of marketing decisions. Not only that, the decisions you do end up making may not be in line with your values and beliefs, and therefore may not result in an ROI that’s sustainable for your brand.

You need to have a deep understanding of where your brand stands in the market, your competitive advantages and threats and who your ideal customer is, in order to determine where you should be marketing – and where you SHOULDN’T be spending your time at all.

And while many believe “the more the merrier” and that the more platforms your brand is on, the wider audience you’ll reach – the truth is that’s going to be the hardest (and most expensive) way to have an impact with your brand.

Where BossLady Consulting Comes In

While we aren’t super heroes, we do have a super power…creating intelligent marketing strategy. We’ll help you get focused on who you’re serving, how you can help them, where they are, and what they need from you.

Whether your leads are down, business is slow, or you have a new product on the horizon – let us apply our nearly 20 years of expertise to your business and brand and help create some new sparkle to your strategy.

We are hosting free 30 minute consultations if you are interested to hear more. Connect with us today – we look forward to helping your brand shine!

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