Nowadays, it’s incredibly tempting to have your business be everywhere. With new platforms popping up left and right, it’s not only hard to keep up – but it’s also hard to keep yourself from giving in to the temptation.

As a clinician or clinic manager, you likely want to find that “magical unicorn” that will solve all of your problems and drive new customers to your doors. So you open a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a business Instagram, start a blog…but, here’s the deal – you DON’T need to be everywhere. In fact, that can even hurt your business in the long run!

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Be Everywhere Online

When you try to be everywhere at once – especially if you don’t have a set strategy in place – what happens is you’ll spread yourself too thin over all the multiple platforms. In turn, that leads to diluting your impact, and not making the best use of your time.

Marketing is not just about “getting your business out there” – SMART marketing uses real data to evaluate how each channel works, how your efforts are performing and who they are reaching. This data will help you craft a careful plan, listing out both the platforms you need to be on to reach your target audience, as well as the ones you don’t need to be on.

How To Do Marketing Effectively

In order to make the most out of your marketing time (and/or marketing dollars), you need to make sure you are crystal clear on these four things:

  1. What is your primary business offering? Not a list of inventory, but WHAT do you do?  Focus on THE most important thing – the true value that you bring – that should be your IT.
  2. Who needs this business offering? Who are you trying to draw to your store, to your product, service or event? This is your target audience.
  3. Where is your target audience hanging out? If you are trying to reach older adults, you likely won’t need a Snapchat filter – you might be better off with a Facebook page. This is where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.
  4. What action do you want them to take? Make sure your messages, ads or invitations have a call to action that ties back in with your business goals. People are much more likely to engage or click through to book an appointment if you ask them for it.

With all that information in place, you should be able to start marketing – or outsourcing your content creation. That being said, you need to make sure you aren’t going too far with your content, to the point where you’re “over marketing” to your audience and landing in the “spam” category. There should be a careful balance of different content types when you’re trying to reach your target audience, and not every post should be heavily promotional.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Time is essential and resources are tight – we get it – but that is why a smart strategy is essential. Making sure your efforts are effective, strategic and intentional can save you both time and money in the long run – while also providing you with better results.

And if you lack the time or the know-how to craft a detailed strategy for your marketing, Boss Lady Consulting is here to help you out. We’re experts at smart strategy, and will help review your marketing plan and create a custom toolkit for your business!


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