When it comes time to market your business, it’s important that you have a set strategy in place.

It’s not enough to say “we want to grow our client base this year, and we’re going to use Facebook ads to try to achieve that goal”. If your client isn’t active on Facebook, you’ll end up spending unnecessary time (and money) with no actual payoff.

Instead, you need to have a strategy in place, preferably one that’s data-driven and that digs deeper into what your ideal client wants and needs right now, and how you can reach them effectively to bridge that gap.

Sometimes What You WANT is Not What You NEED

In a recent meeting with a new client, they insisted they had to drive more business from a certain city near their home office. Bottom line, they didn’t want to drive so much. Instead of starting to work towards that goal, we assured them we would do all the necessary research to make sure their marketing was driving the RIGHT business for them.

After some deep diving into their business, their leads, their acquisitions, closure rates, up-sells and the regional background on customers, we discovered that the requested city was NOT where they should be spending their marketing dollars. Not even close.

Their business was targeting customers with more than double the HHI of the area they wanted to drive business from, meaning that sinking a bunch of money into ads and promotions in that area would have been a total waste.

By taking a deeper look into their market, we were able to identify some very targeted ways to reach more of the right customers and drive enough volume to meet their needs.

The Problem With Surface-Level Strategies

The bigger problem with this client was that a previous consulting firm had, per their request, changed every page of their website to say “Company name – city” – in the meta data, page descriptions, and all throughout their site, totaling about 80+ mentions of this city.

Not only did it fail, but the client now had to pay someone else to have all of that scrubbed out. By the way, loading keywords like that can have a negative impact on a site’s SEO.

This could’ve easily been avoided if the previous consulting firm had done a thorough research, coming to the same conclusion we did, and approached the client with that information.

Boss Lady Consulting’s Approach

When Boss Lady Consulting came around, did some digging and implemented strategic changes, we managed to improve this clients’ Google rating by 4% in the first month, and take their leads from “nearly no calls” to “more business than we can handle” in only 6 weeks.

The next steps were to target a specific product line and grow it intentionally and strategically – through advertising, face-to-face, SEO, content marketing and by streamlining their business process for excellent follow up.

This is why we love this field. It’s not just luck, it’s using smart strategy to reach your clients.

How about you?

Are you stumped on driving specific volume or traffic for your business?

Not seeing the results you are hoping for?

We would be happy to help you take a deep dive into your market, geography, set up and marketing and offer some recommendations for you. Let’s connect by Zoom or phone and see if we are a good fit!

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