Being extraordinary means you stand out – that you consistently show up in a remarkable, memorable way.

In healthcare, we like to think that being extraordinary comes naturally, and it does in so many ways. But to truly be extraordinary, your company needs to show up intentionally with empathy and be 100% committed to creating a positive, emotionally supportive experience that communicates the three most important messages:

Isn’t my Current Practice Enough?

Is this “touchy-feely” stuff necessary when it comes to my healthcare business?

Isn’t it just about getting the patient what they came in for and as long as they aren’t harmed, we are good to go?

While on a very basic level that is important, in a healthcare environment, the element of care is crucial. After all, it’s in the same itself: health-care.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

A retail study by Motista showed that customers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value, stay with a brand longer (5.1 years vs. 3.4 years), and will recommend brands 26% more (71% vs. 45%).

Another study by Monigle’s Humanizing Healthcare showed that, by far, the most important factor patients are looking for is to feel “like they are a top priority” during their visit. This emotional need is the most important factor in rating an experience as excellent.

Now we ask you – is getting the patient what they came in for enough?

How Do You Create This Kind of Connection With Your Patients?

First of all, it’s important to personalize it. 86% of customers in a recent survey indicated they like when businesses refer to them by name, instead of treating them like just another number on a list. And this goes for any business and any individual – not just in healthcare.

You need to express empathy and show concern. Your patients don’t just want to feel cared FOR, they want to feel cared ABOUT – again, on a personal level. Whenever possible, you should be able to anticipate their needs by taking a look at patterns, behaviors and questions asked. Then ask yourself – how can you use these insights to extract lessons and create products or communications to help meet more people’s needs?

This should go without saying, but you need to be polite at all times and train your staff to provide helpful customer service to the patients. Every member of your team has a part to play in providing courteous and kind help, and something as small as the way they answer the phone can have a huge impact on the patient, and in turn in your CAHPS scores, star ratings and NPS.

Also, it’s 2021, and you can’t afford not to be online. More than 50% of consumers reported preferring care and solving their issues over social media to email or call center help, for example. If there’s an issue, you and your team need to be able to respond and communicate quickly and sincerely with the patient.

Last, but not least – and the way you’ll really become extraordinary to the eyes of your patient – you need to surprise and delight. Surprising them with kindness or going above and beyond will create emotional moments of connection and deeper loyalty with your patients.

You Don’t Have To Do it Alone!

You care for patients – that’s your expertise. Our job is to make you and your staff the experts in driving better retention and experience for your patients.

Connect today if you’d like to hear more about how Boss Lady Consulting can help you create extraordinary customer experiences that stop patient churn, grow your revenue, and improve customer satisfaction!

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