By Sally Mildren, CEO & Chief Strategist, ClarityPX, “Six Takeaways from Customer Experience Journey in Dublin”

I have just returned from Ireland, and during our visit, we had the opportunity to tour the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The customer experience journey that has been designed by Diageo is impressive and a case study in building engagement.

Here are six takeaways from my customer experience journey at Guinness Storehouse that I thought was brilliant and important when we’re designing experiences for our clients, businesses, and customers.

1) Movement. It is called a journey, so let’s move around a bit.

From the brewing process to the casking, the entire exhibit moved thousands of people through six floors of mini experiences. They metered the flow so it wasn’t too crazy all at once.

2) Multimedia. Engaging all of the senses for an incredible experience.

The use of audio, video, display, interactive, written, and visual media was impressive! Kept lovers of beer (and not) engaged and interested in the story, design, and work of Guinness. Incorporating all the senses throughout an experience leaves a lasting impression.

3) Storytelling. Always take an opportunity to tell your story.

Each area masterfully told the story of people, history, timelines, work, and materials in a way that was easy to understand but not too much. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but keeping your audience engaged throughout is a win-win in event execution.

4) Retail. No need to be pushy – if you build it, they will come.

Every customer was woven throughout the building through retail opportunities and provided one free beverage, which people enjoyed in relationships with others. The place was buzzing with context but didn’t miss an opportunity to promote human interaction.

5) Social and Sharing. Natural encouragement goes a long way.

Throughout the experience, backdrops, settings, and displays were set up to encourage photos and sharing. No signs saying, “Take a selfie here,” just a creative setup that naturally encouraged this behavior! A brilliant way to capture extra organic marketing.

6) Updated Vibe and Look to Reach New Audiences.

Throughout the experience, there were art elements that reflected a younger and newer audience to the beverage. The colors, fonts, and photography demonstrated an intentional update to appeal to new consumers.

Human Experience is Essential in Event Planning

I loved this example of great design and experience. Human experience is incredibly important when planning events. Hope you will consider these for your next event or exhibit!  

About the Author

Sally Mildren, MA, is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Boss Lady Consulting. Sally is our Boss Lady and passionately believes YOU are the center of our work. Her experience running marketing and CX for organizations, Fortune 50 companies, and non-profits has created strong ROI and growth. Sally has a Master’s in Communication and Leadership. She has led teams in marketing, community engagement, public relations, communications, business development, operations, customer service, call centers, and customer experience for over 20 years.

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