As a partner to small and rural healthcare organizations, our Chief Strategist & CEO, Sally Mildren, discusses how when you work with Clarity PX, you’re looking beyond marketing strategy and truly developing a human-centric strategic approach for lasting growth.

What does it look like to partner with Clarity PX?

Are you ready for a smarter and more confident approach to marketing? Quit wondering if things will work or hoping that marketing will drive growth. We get in, help you get clarity and direction, and then your team can take it from there (unless you need help implementing it, then we’ve got you, too).

What does it mean to partner with Clarity PX? Great question, we can’t wait to tell you.

Here’s the deal…

So, what exactly do we do for businesses beyond marketing strategy?

We serve businesses in these three areas:

CPX_How We Partner


  1. Brand Clarity – We help you powerfully align to your purpose and voice.
  2. Inspiring Cultures – We help you apply that purpose so you can lead with purpose and create an inspiring culture that staff love to represent.
  3. Growth Strategy – We help you set a strategy that will catalyze your growth.


How do we do this?

CPX_Our 3-Step Process
  1. Identify – Through a discovery and assessment process, determine the areas of opportunity within your organization.
  2. Prioritize – Then we help you determine which projects will have the biggest impact that you are ready to tackle now.
  3. Operationalize – Finally, we help create a workable and specific strategy to grow. (We can help you if you want or empower your team to take it from here).

We’ve worked with small and rural healthcare clients to elevate their patient experience, strengthen their organizational culture and attract and retain more customers through our 3-step process. Here’s a look at how we’ve helped our clients. 

Ready to get a head start on 2024? 

If you’re interested in partnering with us, let’s connect today for a free discovery call and see if it makes sense to work together. We have two spots left in 2023 for a full marketing assessment and discovery. One-time cost, 4-6 weeks, and we deliver to you a complete strategic recommendation for your brand, messaging, channels, approaches and tactics. 

Hurry! Let’s connect today and get started.



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