Stop Juggling. Time to Own Your Work Load.

“The universe has a way of testing our resilience. Barely making it in time is a testament to our ability to navigate the chaos and emerge victorious.” If you feel that deeply – you must be a marketer. We see you. In the managing of multiple projects, deadlines, campaigns and deliverables, it is easy to […]

Employee Giving: 4 Ways It Boosts Engagement

Employee Giving

Have you considered how employee giving and charitable giving opportunities can improve your employee engagement and experience? Business leaders who create “giving back” opportunities, like employee giving programs, are wildly successful in accelerating employee engagement and experience. “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” (Coretta Scott […]

Together. The Healing Power of Belonging.

As we enter the season for Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. where many are spending time with loved ones, friends, and family, the concept of togetherness is on my mind.  Maybe it’s because my husband and I will be alone this year and our adult children will be with other families states away from us. […]

What Can BucEE the Beaver Can Teach You About Effective Marketing?

If you’re a business owner or decision-maker who has a bias that marketing doesn’t really work, or isn’t necessary for your business, you’re not alone. Many people we chat with share this sentiment, often stemming from misconceptions or previous bad marketing experiences. And many of those individuals look for evidence to support their bias, so […]

Your Partner Beyond Marketing Strategy

ClarityPX_Your Partner Beyond Marketing Strategy

As a partner to small and rural healthcare organizations, our Chief Strategist & CEO, Sally Mildren, discusses how when you work with Clarity PX, you’re looking beyond marketing strategy and truly developing a human-centric strategic approach for lasting growth. What does it look like to partner with Clarity PX? Are you ready for a smarter […]

Are You Prioritizing Market Research in Your Marketing Strategy?

Are You Prioritizing Your Market Research in Your Marketing Strategy?

Creating a marketing plan without the necessary market research and due diligence is a sure way to waste resources in your business.  Market Research: The Foundation of Successful Marketing Strategies Have your marketing efforts stalled? Have you produced lackluster results? Are you just not quite bringing in the right customers? These are three great reasons […]

Why Patient Experience is Nothing Like Surfing

Why Patient Experience is Nothing Like Surfing

Patient experience is not a solo sport. If you feel alone in developing a dynamic patient experience strategy, take a deep breath and pay attention to these helpful reminders.  Editor’s Note: If you’re working in rural health and are landlocked, you may laugh at this question below about surfing and ask yourself, “When do I […]

3 Rural Healthcare Marketing Takeaways from 2023 SHSMD Conference

Sally Mildren, Chief Strategist & CEO, and Emily Martin, Communications & Engagement Manager, attended the 2023 Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Conference in Chicago last week. With a combined 35+ years in healthcare marketing, communications, patient and employee experience, and engagement in rural, regional, and small healthcare settings, here are their […]

3 Core Values that Create an Innovative and Compassionate Work Culture

Insights from Emily Martin, Communications & Engagement Manager at Boss Lady Consulting, discussing how we create an innovative and compassionate work culture for our agency. We take company culture seriously around here at Boss Lady Consulting. We passionately believe that an organization will be extraordinarily successful when it focuses on its people and their needs. […]

4 Key Leadership Tips for Leading Patient Experience

Four Key Leadership Tips for Leading Customer Experience

Sally Mildren, Chief Boss Lady & CEO, recently spoke with SurveyPal to discuss critical takeaways she learned from her 20+ year career of patient experience, marketing, and engagement. 4 Things to Remember When Breaking into Patient Experience 1) Patient experience (PX) is not a solo sport. I’ve witnessed several newer leaders breaking into the field […]

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